Hi, I'm Erica.

I love elegant software that functions seamlessly for users and organizations. On the backend I'm experienced in Flask, SQLAlchemy, Express, Sequelize, and FastAPI, and on the frontend in React, Redux, NextJS, and Tailwind. Previously I worked for 3.5 years in data evaluation and engineering using SPSS, a language similar to SQL and R.

I thrive on designing cohesive and performant infrastructure. My background in data informs my attention to detail, organization, excellent documentation, and technical communication.

Past work includes statewide data evaluation and legislative reporting on funding at over 50 economic opportunity nonprofits in Oregon; developing databases; B2B and B2C research; and research on equity in public and private education.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and have traveled to a dozen countries (mainly Germany, Taiwan, and the Netherlands). Outside of work, you can catch me reading sci-fi, exercising, and volunteering.


Python| JavaScript| SQL| HTML| CSS| SPSS| Stata| R

ORMs, Frameworks, Tools

PostgreSQL| SQLAlchemy| Sequelize| Flask| Express| FastAPI| React| Redux| NextJS| Tailwind| Node| NPM

File + Web Hosting, Testing, Containers

AWS S3| Render| Netlify| Mocha| Cypress| Docker

Machine Learning + AI

Weights & Biases| LangChain| GPT


App Academy | Software Engineering & Computer Science| 2023
Reed College | Sociology, BA| 2015


BanKan home page

A productivity site fusing elements of Trello and Evernote, featuring streamlined kanban boards with columns and cards, as well as freeform note-taking.

MeetBuds home page

A social networking and activities site cloning Meetup, featuring groups and events.

VancouberEats restaurants page

An e-commerce site cloning UberEats, featuring restaurants, menu items, reviews, and a shopping cart.

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